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Gundam ACE scanlation group. Releases are not meant to be substitutes for the actual manga. If you enjoy the story and art of the projects here please support the artists and franchise!

GS Destiny: The Edge

Click here for project post. Story and Art by Chimaki Kuori. A retelling of events in Destiny with emphasis on Athrun's point of view, especially regarding his dynamic relationship with Shinn Asuka. Project starts from compilation vol.2, where Athrun decides to return to ZAFT as part of FAITH.

The Edge: Planned

Phase 04_ Recurrence - 8/26
Phase 05_ Feel Lost - 9/23
Phase 06_ Head On - 11/14
Phase 07_ Faith
Phase 08_ Impact
Phase 09_ Conflict
Phase 10_ Cross

MS Gundam: The Origin

Click here for project post. Story and art by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. Starting at UC74, covers the never before seen events leading up to the One Year War and Char Aznable's rise within the Zeon military and his progressive relationship to the Zabi family. From his shared days at the Zeon Miilitary Academy with Garma Zabi to his training as one of the first MS pilots under Dozle Zabi.

The Origin: Planned

Outbreak of War_ Section I
Outbreak of War_ Section II
Outbreak of War_ Section III
Outbreak of War_ Section IV

The Layout

This layout was created at premade_ljs. Graphically edited by Naoekun.

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Thoughts after finishing the Edge... [06/04/07]


Well, vol. 5's finally out in Chinese. All in all, a satisfying read...

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The Edge spoilers... [04/21/07]


Ok, I'm posting this to ask the moderators about posting spoilers here. No offense, but since even the Chinese version is already at vol. 4, I thought I would like to share some spoilers with the community. 

Only complaint is: Why didn't the scriptwriter write half the stuff in here into the anime instead of giving us video clips?

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The Edge: Desire... [04/01/07]

This series is proof that Kuori-sensei is eventually going to cover the second war through the view points of the other characters.
So far, there're 5 chapters. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

1) Shinn
2) Cagalli
3) Rey
4) Meer 
5) Shinn and Mayu

Not expecting acealliance to scan them soon. This post is FYI.
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Mod Post -- Alive and Recruiting!! [03/04/07]

A big hello and very belated happy new year to all our members~!!

Given that we haven't made any sort of announcement here in about three months, we thought that we should make this mod-post to give you an update on our status as well as seek your opinions on a few changes that we will be making to releases from now onwards.

First of all... Ace Alliance is well and truly still alive -- in case any of you were wondering in the interim ^^;; Releases are being worked on -- albeit slowly due to a variety of reasons; RL pressures being one of the main ones.

To address this, we feel that we need to reconsider our treatment of sound effects in the releases. Up until now, we've attempted to photoshop the translated SFX into the scanlated pages themselves wherever possible. Unfortunately, this is an extremely time-consuming process that naoekun (the PS-Queen of our little group *bows*) can no longer afford to undertake. Therefore, we propose to switch to merely subtitling the SFX rather than photoshopping -- as we have done in previous releases for SFX that were almost impossible to edit out of the page.

We'd love to hear your opinions on this change -- as well as the issue of whether we should subtitle EVERY SFX (eg. wind, waves, footsteps etc.), or simply stick to important SFX (eg. doors opening, abrupt movements) to keep the clutter on the page to a bare minimum. So please speak up~!! Don't be shy~!! We don't bite!! XD

In other news, we are also now looking to recruit a few more basic cleaners in order to help speed up the time it takes to get the releases through. You don't have to have any special programs and the perks of the job would include access to the raws and scanlated drafts before everyone else ^_^ Anyone interested should reply in this thread, and questions about the position are always welcome -- but please make sure that you DO have the time to devote to a project like this ^^;;

As for releases, I'm pleased to announce that we now have access to all remaining chapters of The Edge -- and so barring any major hiccups, Ace Alliance will be scanlating the series to its conclusion! The special edition chapters for Shinn and Luna/Meyrin may also be incorporated into our planned releases -- depending on how things are going ^_^ Furthermore, if anyone has any information on The Edge ~ Desire, I'd very much appreciate if you could update me on that front (eg. how many chapters have been released, who they've focused on, etc.)

So that's it for this huge mod-post. Please tell us anything you have to say about any of the issues covered here, and rest assured that more releases (and extras!) are on their way! ^_^

In the meantime, enjoy this little gem from January's Newtype -- poor Shinn ^^;;;

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Edge Vol. 1 [01/28/07]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi! Im a really fan about GSD. I want make friends fans of this anime.
And I have a question... Where I can download The Edge Manga Vol. 1??

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Mechanistic View : Cosmic Era [11/28/06]

I know I shouldn't be posting so much inbetween shikami's hiatus, but I had these laying around and thought "why not"? Especially since there hasnt been anything for the CE side lately. These are from a series of CG/Illust + prose synopsis of key battles during the series. I have only 2 from the Cosmic Era series, and they are both from Gundam Seed // Final battle at Jachin Due. ZGMF-X13A Providence vs ZGMF-X10A Freedom~ I lack the skills to translate the text on the fly, but the illust is breathtaking enough. There's plenty more from this series or illust though the rest I have are from Zeta Gundam.. they'll be up soon enough ^^ if you like this art check out the Zeta ones in the future!

large images undercut!

RAU: Blah blah humanity's ambition for self destruction!Collapse )
KIRA: Nuh-uh!Collapse )


If anyone has other scans from the MV: Cosmic Era series, I'd be happy to try and splice them :3 xposted to gundamseed for thanksgiving and pimping...
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continuing on~ [11/27/06]

More random Gundamsan strips.

Lalah tries her best...Collapse )

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y halo ther, sexy comm! Mod Post Bidnez - public [11/26/06]

After 4 chapter releases acealliance now has one hundred and seventy-four members! Woah. how did that happen if we only have the minimum of interests listed and don't promote outside aside from on 4chan? That's 174 sexy members lurking around here... with give or take 15 regular commentors/wellwishers/thankers (which we always love ♥) so about 159 withholding their sexy opinions or thoughts on the projects... o_o; (do I even want to contemplate the UC/CE divide...O.o?)

Don't be shy babes! We would love a poke or prod and the following questions or taglines are especially appreciated:
  • zomgthanks you win ____ internet(s) ♥
  • The _____ link/chapter is broken, please to reupload?
  • What does ____ mean?
  • ____ is really ____ you n00bs, getitright!
  • Is there more information about ______ in the story?
  • What's the status on ______?
  • Why is _____ naked?
  • ____ may be a good sideproject/title would you guys consider it?

As well as discussion about or within the story's contexts... Well we know you guys have other comms for that too (I'm thinking gundamseed and mobilesuit and /m/ or irc hangouts especially) but we just wanted to say hey-- we love our members, we encourage our members to speak up whenever they feel the need or urge. Jus'sayin' is all. This ends the PR Announcent.

Have some random 4koma slanglations from the Gundamsan strips _._~

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Public Post [08/24/25]

Community Members Only

Please join to gain access to news and releases.
Please do not redistribute chapters without the disclaimer.

Introduction: Ace Alliance is a small scanlation group with focus on Original and Gundam Seed manga for the appreciation of fans. There are only two projects listed so far but chances of ongoing continuation and expansion to other related manga once they are done are high. We are a very small-scale and focused group, but we are dedicated to bringing new content to the english fandom for discussion and further appreciation of the characters,story, mechs, and franchise in general.

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