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Introduction: Ace Alliance is a small scanlation group with focus on Original and Gundam Seed manga for the appreciation of fans. There are only two projects listed so far but chances of ongoing continuation and expansion to other related manga once they are done are high. We are a very small-scale and focused group, but we are dedicated to bringing new content to the english fandom for discussion and further appreciation of the characters,story, mechs, and franchise in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are you only doing two projects?
AA is working off scans of Gundam Ace Issues from spring 2005. Though there are several titles that run in the manga magazine, we feel that these two titles have priority and that Zeonic-Corps has done a fine, sexy, and overwhelmingly awesome job so far of releasing other titles from both timelines.

2. Are you affiliated with Zeonic Corps?
We dont want to compete with ZC, but neither are we using their scans or resources. Ace Alliance is completely independant of ZC, it's members and resources. At this time there is some momentum for more of The Origin to be translated under the ZC banner, but no word on The Edge. We feel that we can take on these projects by ourselves faster and more efficiently by staying independant and working alone.

3. Why are you starting at Phase4 for The Edge? Why not start from the beginning?
We feel the importance of The Edge manga lies in it's focus into Athrun's thoughts and the slight deviations and from the TV series when paying attention other characters. The first three chapters of The Edge, compiled as vol.1, adheres strictly to the Destiny TV series and so we felt it would be redundant and a waste of time to have to make readers go through the beginning of the TV series all over again. In the future, we may release chapters 1-3. This is decision that will not change.

4. Why aren't you translating The Origin where Viz left off? or at least the Char and Sayla backstory?
Simple matter of resources. We have the last section of the Char & Sayla story and may release that in the future. For now, though the two sections are connected and flow into each other, as backstories they are self-focused and can be easily read and understood separately. In the future, we may release more backstory, but at this time the focus is on Outbreak of War. This is a decision that will not change. Edit: We now have the entirety of the Char and Sayla backstory and it is very likely the whole "backstory arc" will be released in the future, if not here than through the Black Tristars scanlation group.

5. When will you release chapters?
There is no set schedule at this time, but we are hoping to release The Edge chapters bi-monthly, and The Origin monthly. Just watch this community for news and releases.

6. What other titles / projects are you planning aside from more backstory?
We are looking into other small-scale manga projects that haven't been offered to fans yet. Chibi comics like the Seed Club comics and the Haro Minigame comics are possiblities. We also may be releasing Raws of other related titles in the hope someone wishes to join or help translate them.

7. Are you looking for members?
At this time, we are only looking for more scanners/raw providers and translators. If you have more chapters of The Edge beyond phase 10, or The Origin beyond section IV and are willing to scan them at high resolution and good quality, please contact us ♥ Additionally, if you'd like to lend a hand to translating The Origin from original japanese, you're sexy and more than willing to help!

8. Contact information
For recruiting, or for questions regarding The Origin please send an email to naoekun: jetspectacular @ For questions regarding The Edge please email shikami: shi_kami @

Feel free to post questions about projects and discussion directly to the community!
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