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y halo ther, sexy comm! Mod Post Bidnez - public

After 4 chapter releases acealliance now has one hundred and seventy-four members! Woah. how did that happen if we only have the minimum of interests listed and don't promote outside aside from on 4chan? That's 174 sexy members lurking around here... with give or take 15 regular commentors/wellwishers/thankers (which we always love ♥) so about 159 withholding their sexy opinions or thoughts on the projects... o_o; (do I even want to contemplate the UC/CE divide...O.o?)

Don't be shy babes! We would love a poke or prod and the following questions or taglines are especially appreciated:
  • zomgthanks you win ____ internet(s) ♥
  • The _____ link/chapter is broken, please to reupload?
  • What does ____ mean?
  • ____ is really ____ you n00bs, getitright!
  • Is there more information about ______ in the story?
  • What's the status on ______?
  • Why is _____ naked?
  • ____ may be a good sideproject/title would you guys consider it?

As well as discussion about or within the story's contexts... Well we know you guys have other comms for that too (I'm thinking gundamseed and mobilesuit and /m/ or irc hangouts especially) but we just wanted to say hey-- we love our members, we encourage our members to speak up whenever they feel the need or urge. Jus'sayin' is all. This ends the PR Announcent.

Have some random 4koma slanglations from the Gundamsan strips _._~

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