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Mechanistic View : Cosmic Era

I know I shouldn't be posting so much inbetween shikami's hiatus, but I had these laying around and thought "why not"? Especially since there hasnt been anything for the CE side lately. These are from a series of CG/Illust + prose synopsis of key battles during the series. I have only 2 from the Cosmic Era series, and they are both from Gundam Seed // Final battle at Jachin Due. ZGMF-X13A Providence vs ZGMF-X10A Freedom~ I lack the skills to translate the text on the fly, but the illust is breathtaking enough. There's plenty more from this series or illust though the rest I have are from Zeta Gundam.. they'll be up soon enough ^^ if you like this art check out the Zeta ones in the future!

large images undercut!


If anyone has other scans from the MV: Cosmic Era series, I'd be happy to try and splice them :3 xposted to gundamseed for thanksgiving and pimping...
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