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Mod Post -- Alive and Recruiting!!

A big hello and very belated happy new year to all our members~!!

Given that we haven't made any sort of announcement here in about three months, we thought that we should make this mod-post to give you an update on our status as well as seek your opinions on a few changes that we will be making to releases from now onwards.

First of all... Ace Alliance is well and truly still alive -- in case any of you were wondering in the interim ^^;; Releases are being worked on -- albeit slowly due to a variety of reasons; RL pressures being one of the main ones.

To address this, we feel that we need to reconsider our treatment of sound effects in the releases. Up until now, we've attempted to photoshop the translated SFX into the scanlated pages themselves wherever possible. Unfortunately, this is an extremely time-consuming process that naoekun (the PS-Queen of our little group *bows*) can no longer afford to undertake. Therefore, we propose to switch to merely subtitling the SFX rather than photoshopping -- as we have done in previous releases for SFX that were almost impossible to edit out of the page.

We'd love to hear your opinions on this change -- as well as the issue of whether we should subtitle EVERY SFX (eg. wind, waves, footsteps etc.), or simply stick to important SFX (eg. doors opening, abrupt movements) to keep the clutter on the page to a bare minimum. So please speak up~!! Don't be shy~!! We don't bite!! XD

In other news, we are also now looking to recruit a few more basic cleaners in order to help speed up the time it takes to get the releases through. You don't have to have any special programs and the perks of the job would include access to the raws and scanlated drafts before everyone else ^_^ Anyone interested should reply in this thread, and questions about the position are always welcome -- but please make sure that you DO have the time to devote to a project like this ^^;;

As for releases, I'm pleased to announce that we now have access to all remaining chapters of The Edge -- and so barring any major hiccups, Ace Alliance will be scanlating the series to its conclusion! The special edition chapters for Shinn and Luna/Meyrin may also be incorporated into our planned releases -- depending on how things are going ^_^ Furthermore, if anyone has any information on The Edge ~ Desire, I'd very much appreciate if you could update me on that front (eg. how many chapters have been released, who they've focused on, etc.)

So that's it for this huge mod-post. Please tell us anything you have to say about any of the issues covered here, and rest assured that more releases (and extras!) are on their way! ^_^

In the meantime, enjoy this little gem from January's Newtype -- poor Shinn ^^;;;

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