yezhanquan85 (yezhanquan85) wrote in acealliance,

Thoughts after finishing the Edge...

Well, vol. 5's finally out in Chinese. All in all, a satisfying read...

The last volume's the one which strays the most from the anime. The meeting with Meer is shifted to before the AA leaves for space, and the place's not on the moon (obviously). Also, Athrun's still injured, and Meer's death was portrayed as more of an accident. (Although the DOM troopers were there in person, security issues apparently slipped their minds) 

The Akatsuki is nowhere to be found after Cagalli's sortie in Orb. IJ single-handedly destroyed Requiem, although it now loses an arm in the fight against Destiny.

Overall, the Edge helped fleshed out Athrun and Shinn, and Kira stays out of the spotlight much longer. Superb art + feelings and thoughts revealed = a better series.
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